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Library Rules

  • Only registered members are allowed to use the library.
  • Members should produce their ID cards at the entrance of the library.
  • Readers are not allowed to bring personal books or any printed material and other personal belongings like bags, umbrellas etc. inside the library. These materials are to be kept at the property counter at their own risk. The library will not be responsible in case of damage to or theft of personal property.
  • Silence must be observed in the library.
  • Order and good mannerisms should be observed in the library.
  • Use of cell/ mobile phone is not allowed within library.
  • Every member must possess his/her BT/valid Identity Card while making use of the library facilities.
  • BT/library membership ID cards are nontransferable.
  • The staff member of the library at the entrance is authorized to examine everything that passes into or out of the library.
  • The librarian shall have the power to suspend the use of the ticket and card of any member or to refuse admission to any infringing any rules of the library and or suspend or cancel the use of the borrower's ticket and the reading room card of any member.
  • No books shall be removed from the library by any person unless the person authorized has signed his name in the records maintained for the purpose.
  • No books shall be issued to any person other than duly registered member or to a person duly authorized by such person in writing on each occasion and without production of the borrower ticket.
  • No books shall be issuied during the period when the stock verification is in progress. Borrowers shall return all the books borrowed by them three clear days before the commencement of such a period. Usual late fee shall be charged if the books are not returned before the date mentioned above.
  • Photography, filming, videotaping and audio taping in the library are not allowed without perior permission of the librarian.
  • Books or other material taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers but should be left on the trolley or table. Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.
  • Members should keep in mind copyright issuies while copying any material borrowed from the library.
  • Misbehaviour in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and also lead to serious disciplinary action.
  • The library rules & regulations shall be modiofied from time to time without notice and shall be binding on all concerned.
  • Outsiders should have prior permission from the Principal to enter or use the college library.
  • Talking,  spitting, eating food, sleeping, smoking or any behavior calculated to disturb other readers or the discipline of the library is strictely prohibited.
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