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Lending Services

  • Books other than reference books will be issuied to members for a period of 7 days only; the loan period is one full semester.
  • Reference books, rare books, encyclopaedias, hand books, dictionaries, periodicals, theses, back volumes of periodicals, maps, syllabus, question papers will not be issuied and THEY ARE ONLY FOR REFERENCE.
  • Two renewals will be permitted if there are no reservations against these books. For renewal, books have to be presented physically at the library counter.
  • Members, before leaving the counter must satisfy themselves as to whether the books, which they intend to borrow, are in good condition and any damage/marking should be immediately reported to the library staff failing which the member to whom the book was issuied will be held responsible.
  • Books that are in special demand shall be lent for shorter periods as may be necessary and books lent out may be recalled at any time if required.
  • Absence will not be accepted as an excuse for the delay in the return of books.
  • Books should not be returned on the same date.
  • Students are advised not to take more than one copy of the same book.
  • Members are responsible for books issuied against their lost tickets.
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